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Gout - urinary salt joints metabolic diseases. Gout, as well as the "disease of kings", called an ancient disease. Most often after menopause women and men over the age of 40 years. Gout is one of the varieties of joint diseases, because the accumulation of salts. Gout of the joints of the fingers and finger joints, all the joints affected.

Gout, the source of food and alcohol consumption. Chronic gout often. Acute gout attack, what can I do? Buy cheap allopurinol.
We must comply with strict bed rest. Patients with shaped top, for example, under their pillow case.

Unbearable pain, you can apply ice. After that, Dimexidum desirable area with a compress. The best meal for a substantial liquid porridge and vegetable broths may be limited. And here you are, but with the addition of lemon juice, for example, oatmeal, jelly, milk, mineral water or boiling the water you can drink more alkaline (lemon juice, rheumatism and gout, uric acid dissolves the deposits). It is necessary to drink at least 3 liters per day.

You can take allopurinol. If prescribed by a doctor if you have any preventive agent, should be continued.

Most often, gout, joint injury that was inflicted areas. So careful about such sites. it can cause serious damage to the finger, do not wear shoes because of the narrow and uncomfortable gout "in love". Diet and a balanced diet is used to prevent gout attacks.

Completely revised to make healthy lifestyle. should reconsider their taste preferences without recipe. Contribute to a reduction in the body of uric acid and urates recommended dietary №6. If not eliminate products containing Urinova base is limited - the main source of uric. But the poor in purines, and for milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits and grain products will not leave you hungry. The patient's diet low fat whole grains, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Buy online medication allopurinol from gout.

Food, meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms and legumes should be limited. smoked meat, pickles, anchovies, cauliflower, asparagus, sorrel, chocolate: In addition, it should limit consumption. Such a diet will lead to the normalization of body weight and reduce stress on joints during acute gout.

Alcohol and smoking stops the excretion of uric acid in the body. Therefore, the crystals collected joints. Avoid alcohol completely, especially beer, smoking should be avoided. We had tea, coffee, cocoa do not recommend that you use. In addition to the diet of a mono-product at least once a week fasting day is worth it.

The first shock sensitive joints. Buy allopurinol without a prescription. This pills is necessary to pay special attention to the development of their action. Attention pain episodes should be directed to those areas. Every day to do exercises for the joints. more and more difficult due to the deposits in the joints mobile, since the beginning, and it will be strange. This air movement and more frequently than recommended.

"Gout" diagnosis for a person to achieve full recovery, that significantly change their lifestyle and to take regular medication, which means that, unfortunately, this disease can not be. However, timely treatment, to reduce the minimum standards for the control of your gout, a painful attacks, and allows you to protect yourself from serious complications.

The basic principle of the treatment of gout, check the level of uric acid in the body. medical treatment should consult a doctor and a rheumatologist. Its rules as quickly as possible the amount of uric acid and reduce its excretion from the body. Only qualified personnel related diseases can not cause harm to our health, for example, the drug may be.

Most often, physicians, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, allopurinol 1-2 weeks to visit one of them, and buy cheap drugs online pharmacy. 

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